7021 Alloy Cast and Milled Tooling Plates Now Available in Turkey

Altek Metal, the pioneer in introducing 5083 alloy aluminum cast plates to the Turkish market, has once again achieved a milestone by being the first to offer 7021 alloy aluminum cast plates in Turkey. With a focus on enhancing continuity in the 7xxx series, Altek Metal presents 7021 alloy cast plates to the industry, particularly as a substitute for widely used 7075 rolled plates.

The primary advantage of 7021 alloy casting plates lies in maintaining both the high strength of the 7xxx series and the dimensional stability and machinability of casting plates, thus serving as a replacement for 7075 rolled plates in applications where other alloy series fall short in strength, but the strength of the 7075 alloy is excessively qualified. The price advantage, machinability, and short lead time of 7021 alloy make it a sought-after solution. The special heat treatment process applied to 7021 cast plates by us prevents waste formation and distortion on machining tools.

“Due to the significant increase in prices of rolled aluminum 7075 globally, resulting from the pandemic and shipping crisis, Turkish industrialists are currently facing challenges in finding competitive prices for 7075 rolled plates. The problem is even more significant, especially for thicknesses exceeding 150 mm. Our goal at Altek Metal is to provide Turkish industrialists with a sustainable solution by substituting Rolled 7075 plates with 7021 casting plates,” states Volkan Erciyas, Sales and Marketing Manager at Altek Metal.

Established in 1987, Altek Metal San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. is a globally recognized firm with contacts with aluminum suppliers worldwide, exporting its products to 20 countries, primarily in Europe. It is the sole domestic producer of ground 5083 alloy casting plates in Turkey. With the launch of the online e-commerce site www.aluminyumburada.com in 2019, Altek Metal provides a fast and effortless purchasing experience to the aluminum industry in Turkey and Europe.


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