ALTEK METAL Establishes Aluminum Foundry Facility with Financing from EBRD and GARANTI BBVA.

Altek Metal is establishing an annual 50,000-ton capacity recycling aluminum foundry facility in Çerkezköy, in partnership with the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Garanti BBVA’s joint investment fund worth 18 million euros. The objective of this investment is to promote the domestic production of high-quality aluminum semi-finished products in Turkey and support sustainable production practices in the aluminum sector.

As the sole actively invested company in the aluminum sector by EBRD in Turkey, Altek Metal achieves another milestone. Operating as the only producer of precision milled aluminum cast plates under the Aludur and Aludur Plus brands in Turkey, Altek Metal aims to reduce its dependence on imported aluminum slabs by producing its own slabs and billets through this foundry investment.

“We take pride in owning a facility that will produce material adhering to aviation quality (AMS) standards. Establishing an environmentally friendly foundry that will reduce Turkey’s imports, increase exports, and receive support from EBRD is a source of great pride for us,” explains Candan Karabağlı, CEO of Altek Metal.

Nisa Koçaş, EBRD Analyst, highlights that one of the main reasons for EBRD’s preference to collaborate with Altek Metal in this project is the contribution it makes to Turkey’s transition to a green and circular economy, along with the commitment of the company to adopt sustainable production methods as a result of this investment.

With this foundry facility, Altek Metal plans to reduce the scope 3 carbon footprint of its products, especially by transforming local scrap material into secondary aluminum slabs and billets. This facility, aiming to obtain a significant portion of its energy from solar panels, is being constructed to leave the lowest possible carbon footprint. The initial products will be available for sale from January 2023. Aludur and Aludur Plus, currently sold through, will be produced from secondary aluminum starting from January 2023.

The project’s partners for Altek Metal include Almex, Sistem Teknik, and Bonzet İnşaat.


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