Aluminium shates are typically used in the shipbuilding and tanker industries.  For all of our shipbuilding shates, certificates of IACS are available. In addition, the aluminium shates in alloy 5083/H321 are supplied with Lloyd, RINA, GL, ABS, DNV certificates. Shates in alloy 5083/H111 are preferred in food & transportation tankers. 5182/H111 alloys with ADR certificates are preferred in fuel tankers. 

We can provide a full service where we supply the material and cut it to shape using our water jet cutter. The advantage of this cutting method is that there will be no resistance loss and change in the mechanical properties of the material as there is no heat build up with the water jet cutting.

AlaşımTemperKalınlıkGenişlikBoyBirim Ağırlık (kg)Paketler
5083H32132000600097,2~2000 kg
5083H321420006000129,6~2000 kg
5083H321520006000162~2000 kg
5083H321620006000194,4~2000 kg
5083H321720006000226,8~2000 kg
5083H321820006000259,2~2000 kg
5083H3211020006000324~2000 kg
5083H3211220006000388,8~2000 kg
5083H3211520006000486~2000 kg
5083H3212020006000648~2000 kg
AlaşımTemperKalınlıkGenişlikBoyBirim Ağırlık (kg)Paketler
5083H111520006000162~2000 kg
5083H111620006000194,4~2000 kg
5083H111820006000259,2~2000 kg
5083H1111020006000324~2000 kg
5083H1111220006000388,8~2000 kg
AlaşımTemperKalınlıkGenişlikBoyBirim Ağırlık (kg)Paketler
5182H1115,2825007500267,30~2000 kg

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