Aluminium sheets in our stock are used in multiple sectors for their distinct qualities.

In the advertising sector, we supply aluminium for traffic signs, billboards, stands and kiosks. Due to aluminium’s corrosion resistance capability this material is very frequently used in this sector. The hot rolled aluminium sheets in our stock are very suitable for deep drawing and anodizing.  In addition, they is coated with one or double-sided PVC covering and are especially suitable for laser cutting.

In the automotive sector, we supply aluminium sheets for the body and heat shields, as well as, for the fuel tanks of trucks. We provide extruded and drawn aluminium rods and bars for the body and suspension parts. Alloyed aluminium sheets are used commonly in this sector due to their lightweight consistency.

As Altek Metal, we are able to cut to length aluminium sheets from coils in the 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx alloys with a thickness range between 0,5 - 3 mm, maximum width 1500 mm, length 300 mm – 6000 mm.

We are able to offer PVC coating on our aluminium sheets. In general, the market requirement is only one side of the plate to be coated with PVC, but we can also cover two sides of the plate. The PVC thickness is 0.5 mm up to 50 mm. 

AlaşımTemperKalınlıkGenişlikBoyBirim Ağırlık (kg)PVC/KAĞITPaketler
5754H221,21250250010,13LAZER PVC ~1000 kg
5754H221,51250250012,66KAĞIT ~1000 kg
5754H221,51500300018,23KAĞIT ~1000 kg
5754H2221000200010,8KAĞIT ~1000 kg
5754H2221250250016,88KAĞIT ~1000 kg
5754H2221500300024,3STANDART PVC ~1000 kg
5754H1112,51000200013,5STANDART PVC ~1000 kg
5754H1112,51250250021,09STANDART PVC ~1000 kg
5754H222,51500300030,38STANDART PVC ~1000 kg
5754H2231000200016,2STANDART PVC ~1000 kg
5754H2231500300036,45KAĞIT ~1000 kg
5754H2241500300048,6KAĞIT ~1000 kg
5754H2251500300060,75KAĞIT ~1000 kg
5754H2261500300072,9KAĞIT ~1000 kg

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AlaşımTemperKalınlıkGenişlikBoyBirim Ağırlık (kg)PVC/KAĞITPaketler
5754H2231500300036,45KAĞIT ~1000 kg

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