ALTEK METAL Establishes Aluminum Foundry Facility with Financing from EBRD and GARANTI BBVA.

Altek Metal is establishing an annual 50,000-ton capacity recycling aluminum foundry facility in Çerkezköy, in partnership with the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Garanti BBVA’s joint investment fund worth 18 million euros. The objective of this investment is to promote the domestic production of high-quality aluminum semi-finished products in Turkey and support […]

7021 Alloy Cast and Milled Tooling Plates Now Available in Turkey

Altek Metal, the pioneer in introducing 5083 alloy aluminum cast plates to the Turkish market, has once again achieved a milestone by being the first to offer 7021 alloy aluminum cast plates in Turkey. With a focus on enhancing continuity in the 7xxx series, Altek Metal presents 7021 alloy cast plates to the industry, particularly […]

Altek Metal Reduces Carbon Footprint with Solar Energy

Altek Metal’s Çerkezköy service center now meets 65% of its annual energy demand from sustainable sources through its solar panel investment. With 2380 panels installed on the factory roof, Altek Metal not only reduces its carbon footprint but also maintains competitiveness against fluctuations in energy prices. The annual energy consumption of Altek Metal’s Çerkezköy factory, […]