Aluminium Slab

CHEMICAL AREAS OF USE GALLERY QUOTE Slab High Machinability, Excellent Stability Altek Metal produces aluminium cast slabs made from 80-100% recycled industrial scrap. Our alloys range from 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx and are cast up to 7 meters. Depending on the purity requirements, it is possible to also cast from primary material. After casting, […]

Aluminium Billet

CHEMICAL AREAS OF USE WEB SHOP GALLERY Billet Low Carbon Billets Altek Metal produces cast aluminium billets with a vast range of alloys beginning from 1xxx to 7xxx. The Billet diameters range from 10’’ to 32’’ and are produced mainly from clean industrial scraps. On average the scrap usage is between 80%-100% of clean aluminium […]

Aluminium Cast Tooling Plate

CHEMICAL MECHANICAL PHYSICAL TOLERANCES AREAS OF USE GALLERY WEB SHOP Aludur Plus Precision Milled to Perfection With 15 years of cast plate production experience, Altek Metal has developed itself as the leading cast plate producer in the Middle East and is a key supplier to the EU. Starting as a simple linear cut to size […]

Aluminium Cast Plate

CHEMICAL MECHANICAL PHYSICAL TOLERANCES AREAS OF USE WEB SHOP Aludur Excellent Machinability & Stability We are the first and only company in Turkey to introduce and produce domestically the 5083 and 7021 alloy aluminum casting plates in the Turkish market. Since June 2023, we have been manufacturing this product under the ALUDUR brand within our […]