Trust: Trust of our customers is of utmost importance for us in everything we do.. Every single detail, like the quality of materials we provide, certification, invoice details, business ethics of our employees matter for us. 


Respect for People and Environment: We value teamwork and treat our employees as well as our stakeholders with respect. 

We try to  protect and support the environment to the best of our abilities.


Knowing the Business: We are an expert team as a result of operating in aluminium sector for many years. 

Altek and its group companies have deep experience and expertise in aluminium. 

We see ourselves as the ultimate solution partner whom you can consult all your needs about aluminium. 

We constantly seek for more knowledge and improvement with the aim of remaining your best solution partner. 


Health and safety: Health and safety of our employees is foremost important for us. Their health and well being is non-negotiable for us. This principle applies not only to blue-collar but also to all white-collar employees including the ones in the field travelling and business partners who do services on our premises.


Ethics: We conduct our business with high integrity and business ethics. We respect the law and conduct business with all our stakeholders in win-win relationships and with highest ethical & business standards.


Innovation: We have passion for new technologic advancements and systematic approaches. We strive to be progressive and creative in the way we do business.


Customer Focus: The needs of our customers have the highest priority for us. 

We strive for the best service and business ethics.


Business patners: We choose our business partners from reputable companies and provide diverse set of product ranges. We ensure sustainability of supply for our customers thanks to our long standing good business relationships with our suppliers. We always work for win-win solutions with our suppliers.


Prıvacy: We only use and store those information necessary to perform the work related matters while respecting human rights and the law protecting the personal information( Law 6698).”


Sustainability and Caring the Environment: We are committed to reduce our environmental impact by reducing our carbon footprint through energy efficiency and recycling aluminium.

We expect our employees to take ecological and social criteria as well as economics into consideration when procuring supplies and external services.