With our brand Aludur Plus, we are able to produce aluminium precision milled tooling plates of the following specifications: min. 6 mm / max 600 mm thickness, min. 6 mm / max 2020 mm width and min. 6 mm / max 4020 mm in length. We can produce this material with a high surface quality of 0.3 Ra brightness. In the applications where the surface quality matters, our products have a 1 metre +/- 0.1 flatness tolerance.

We able to offer this product in either cut-to-size or cut-to-shape format. We have the capacity to cut-to-shape this product using a water jet or double column CNC.

Aludur Plus aluminium precision milled plate product is characterized by an excellent dimensional stability due to minimal internal stress and widely used for automotive fixtures and machinery production. Our products are covered with PVC foil for protection.

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AlaşımTemperKalınlıkGenişlikBoyBirim Ağırlık (kg)Paketler
Aludur Plus081520302099,15~1000 kg
Aludur Plus01015203020123,94~1000 kg
Aludur Plus01215203020148,73~1000 kg
Aludur Plus01515203020185,91~1000 kg
Aludur Plus02015203020247,88~1000 kg
Aludur Plus02115203020260,28~1000 kg
Aludur Plus02215203020272,67~1000 kg
Aludur Plus02315203020285,06~1000 kg
Aludur Plus02415203020297,46~1000 kg
Aludur Plus02515203020309,85~1000 kg
Aludur Plus02615203020322,25~1000 kg
Aludur Plus02715203020334,64~1000 kg
Aludur Plus02815203020347,03~1000 kg
Aludur Plus02915203020359,43~1000 kg
Aludur Plus03015203020371,82~1000 kg
Aludur Plus03115203020384,22~1000 kg
Aludur Plus03215203020396,61~1000 kg
Aludur Plus03315203020409,00~1000 kg
Aludur Plus03415203020421,40~1000 kg
Aludur Plus03515203020433,79~1000 kg