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Aluminium Cast Tooling Plate

Aludur Plus

Precision Milled to Perfection

With 15 years of cast plate production experience, Altek Metal has developed itself as the leading cast plate producer in the Middle East and is a key supplier to the EU. Starting as a simple linear cut to size business, Altek Metal today casts their own slabs, has a fully automated cutting operation and mills its plates to perfection. Altek’s flagship products, Aludur and Aludur Plus, produced through minimum %80 industrial clean scrap, have been successfully transitioned into the circular economy, thereby ensuring the environmental sustainability of its products.

Aludur Plus precision milled cast plates are meticulously produced in accordance with the DIN EN 573-3 standards through alloy controls. A special heat treatment ensures the material’s structure becomes completely homogeneous, eliminating internal stresses. This unique process makes Aludur Plus materials excellent in workability and dimensional stability. With high surface quality, Aludur Plus plates are produced with a maximum roughness of 0.3 Ra. This product is ideal for sectors where quality and repeatability is crucial.

Aludur Plus can be produced in thicknesses ranging from a minimum of 5 mm to a maximum of 300 mm. We have the production capacity for milled aluminum cast plates with widths up to 2020 mm and lengths up to 4020 mm.



  • Printing Machines
  • Router Tables
  • Industrial Fixture Production
  • Packaging Machines
Custom Cutting / Full Material Precision cutting to Size


5083 H0

Thickness (mm)Tensile Str.
(Rm / Mpa)
Yield Str.
(Rp0,2) MPa
% A50 mm
5 < T ≤ 50270 – 3451151575
50 < T ≤ 80270 – 3451151473
80 < T ≤ 1202601101270
120 < T ≤ 2002551051269
200 < T ≤ 250250951069
250 < T ≤ 30024590969


AlloySiFeCuMnMgCrNiZnTiGaVRemarksOthers (Each)TotalAluminium
EN AW-50830.300,15-0,350.100,50-0,704,2-4,60,05-0, Max 0,03
EN AW – 70210.,3-1,50.055,2-5,50,10-0,120.020.003KalanRemainder Max 0,05


Density2,66 g/cm3
Thermal Conductivity110 – 130 W/m*K
Module of Elasticity70.000 N/mm2
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion24,2 10-6 / K
Electrical Conductivity16-19 (m/Ωmm2)
Specific Heat Capacity900 (J/kg*K)


Surface Quality
Surface Roughness≤ 0,30 μm
Cutting Tolerance
Between 5 – 100 mm:+/- 0.2 mm 
101 – 180 mm:             +/- 0.5 mm 
181 mm and over+/- 0.5 mm
Flatness Tolerance
5 – 12 mm: ≤ 0,40 mm
 < 12 mm:≤ 0,13 mm
Thickness Tolerance
Thickness +/- 0.1 mm
Thickness:min. 5 / max. 100 mm
Width:max. 2020 mm
Length:max. 4020 mm