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Automotive Industry

High Malleability

Corrosion Resistant,
Light and Machinable

Aluminum stands out as an engineering marvel for the automotive sector and its ancillary industries, being widely preferred for its lightweight nature, excellent strength-to-weight ratio, superior resistance to corrosion, and recyclability. It is utilized both in the manufacturing of vehicle components and the machines producing these parts. At Altek Metal, we provide the industry with precision milled aluminum cast tooling plates used in precise measurement processes and the manufacturing of specialized fixtures for cubing.


All our cast plates are produced from min 80% recycled industrial scrap and processed on a fully automatic pipeline to ensure repeatable quality.

Products Used in this Sector


Discover the advantages of ALUDUR brand 5083 and 7021 cast plates. Increase production efficiency with high quality, excellent machinability, and a homogeneous molecular structure. While 5083 provides reliability with its durability and superior corrosion resistance, 7021 offers superior performance with high strength and machinability. Additionally, 7021 can be used as a widely adopted substitute for the 7075 alloy in the industry.

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Increase production performance with precision milled 5083 and 7021 aluminum cast plates. Aludur Plus, an indispensable choice for the machine industry, opens doors to enhancing machine efficiency with high machinability, precise tolerances, and superior surface quality. The best choice for highly precise productions.

Areas of Use

Explore the diverse industries utilizing alloyed aluminum, including aviation, automotive, construction, packaging, and beyond.